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Moroccan cuisine is rich in spices, veggie friendly, and, as I was about to find out, not really that hard to emulate. So I booked a cooking class with Ouafa, whose incredibly tasty tajine I had been fortunate enough to try before…


Hammam? …Thinking steam baths and a swimming pool and not quite sure what to expect when I was taken to my first Hammam in Marrakesh…

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What I like most about the cafes in Marrakech? They have so much light and air, plants, wood, and bright colors. The menus are modern-Moroccan, sometimes even organic and on the whole grain side of life. Whether in a roofgarden or a comfortable inner courtyard, you are outside breathing fresh air, surrounded by beautiful things that are both inspiring and grounding at the same time.

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You cannot immerse yourself into foreign cultures just by reading about them, you ought to experience them. That’s how things got rolling. My eyes widened when the cab driver picked me up at the airport and – within minutes – tossed me into a world that, while it took some getting used to, has grown so incredibly dear to me by now…

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No matter what kind of adventure your nomad heart is seeking in beautiful Morocco, NOSADE can deliver: Yoga & Surf at the wild Atlantic Coast or slow down completely in the deeply grounding silence of the Moroccan desert? Just a quick change of scenery to escape for a few days or is it the big picture with a full Moroccan round trip? NOSADE has the perfect individual yoga travel package for you!

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Get inspired with our 2 minutes video travel to join NOSADE for very special yoga retreats and desert tours to Morocco. Check out our tour video!

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When ever I talk to people about doing Yoga in Morocco they are surprised about this fact: Yoga with this hustle and noise level? Yoga in an Islamic country? Not to mention all other cultural prejudices about Morocco. The ones who decide to take the adventure, to open up for the difference, the eventual discomfort & the unknown, will find what they are hoping & apparently seeking for.

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On 21 June 2016, World Yoga Day, NOSADE will kick off its next big project. As yoga is all about creating space, NOSADE planning to create a Yoga Garden as a green haven right in the center of Marrakech: The NOSADE Yoga Garden Marrakech

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Anything is possible in Morocco. Anything! It’s the daily surprises, the contrasts, the sense of community among friends and in families that fascinate me. It’s the high levels of flexibility, openness, patience that are demanded of me and that open my heart and spirit every single day.

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Enjoy a trip full of movement & body awareness with BodyweightCrossFit, yoga & meditation in fascinating sceneries. Join us for this very special trip & discover Morocco all over in 10 days!

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“Silence is that warm hug that no one can give, except an empty space that brings you far away from everything but closer to yourself”. Interview about “The Sound of Silence” with Hmad Laarossi

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NOSADE starts its services for extraordinary yoga retreats in Morroco and therefore completed the team of international Yoga teachers. Different backgrounds, approaches and styles of the teachers as well as the different destinations and intentions of the retreats offer the fellow travelers a variety of choices and opportunities – depending on individual interests or needs.

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In Marrakech, it is easy to feel comfortable and at home despite its strangeness and fascination – in a sea of seething life, bustling action, loud shouts and the feverish, everlasting and never ending circle of boiling life.

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NOSADE is teaching yoga classes with a focus on biomechanical movement and health while advancing the today’s practice of asanas. Joining our retreats means benefitting from deepening your understanding of movement patterns to move consciously, well aligned and therefore healthy.

It is a strange feeling! A bit like the arrival on a deserted island, protected from the irrepressible desert winds, located at the foot of a giant dune. Like a promise the camp lies at our feet and greets in silence while we climb the last dune down…


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