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Every journey begins with an idea. And although not yet invented, most of us are fascinated by the phantasy of a flying carpet, cruising around in a magic Arabic world. Aren’t we?
Therefore NOSADE and Moustaqbel Amsterdam are cordially inviting you and all the ones who are interested in Yoga and Moroccan culture to enjoy a heart opening Yoga session and a heart warming evening at Moustaqbel Amsterdam, with Morocco flair!

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Morocco has so many unique and magical highlight, which you should not miss! In the following, you can find our TOP highlights in Morocco, which we can highly recommend.

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Find here all hard facts about Morocco.


Dar Moustaqbel was founded in 2017 by Hanneke Ouwehand-Van Hooff. The Arabic name of the project means „House for the Future“ in English. The concept is to provide young women from the High Atlas, who traditionally would become housewives upon marriage, with the opportunity of free housing and learning aid for the duration of their college education. In order to provide hands-on support in addition to financial contributions, NOSADE regularly offers yoga sessions at the Riad…

12 Days of touring Morocco, accompanied by daily yoga: Marrakech, Essaouira, Sahara Desert & Drâa-Valley –
a Travel Report about an adventurous Yoga Travel Experience…


ABURY Foundation: „When you empower a woman, you’re investing in the future of her children, her family, her community & her nation….“


On Saturday, October 21st, 2017, speakers and artists presented a wide variety of ideas and proposals regarding the future of digitalization and how to shape it in a positive and responsible fashion at TEDx Marrakesh with the theme “Tribes & Trolls: How Digitalization Impacts our Lives”…


Since October 2017 Marrakesh has one more sight to boast: Architects Karl Fournier and Oliver Marty have created a wonderful building in the 4,000 square meter (43,000 sq ft) “Studio Ko” for the Yves Saint Laurent Museum…


The new NOSADE season in Morocco is about to commence –
start practicing yoga already now with your personal free trial on YogaEasy…


In March this year, NOSADE hosted its first Green Marrakech Retreat:
The first run of this inspiring new retreat format has been great fun and made Arabian Nights fairytale dreams come true! With a group of 15 yogis we’ve spent an amazing week in and around Marrakech…


Yidir & Anica Alla are featured in German TV newsmagazine “Hallo Deutschland”:
About life, love and yoga in Morocco…


Win a YOIQI Yoga wear outfit –
clear and plain in design and made from fine egyptian bio cotton!
Easy peasy participation…


Just returning from our summer promotion events, we are still overwhelmed by great feedback from more than 160 yogis joining us throughout the tour for Yoga & Beats, for Yoga with a magical Morocco flair in 5 cities in Germany & Switzerland.


Just like every year we are touring with NOSADE during our summer break in Morocco.
If you haven’t been on a trip with us yet & want to get to know us and what we’re doing join us for some awesome yoga sessions with Morocco flair just next door. Take advantage of our cool & fun summer events!


Right from the outset there were several goals very close to founder Anica Herrmann’s heart: to incorporate local Moroccans into the business, to train them, and to treat them fairly, thus enabling them to better their own living conditions as well as pursue their paths actively and autonomously. Empowering to sustainable change…

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Last summer we revealed our most exciting project yet! We plan to open a yoga garden in Marrakesh. Today we’d like to update you on where we currently are and how we intend to proceed…

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Find yourself surrounded by golden dunes dancing in the wind and sparkling as caressed by the sun. Gifted with tranquility, embarking on a journey to inner peace and calm.
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It all started with a great love for Morocco and the drive to preserve the beautiful cultural heritage of the local people before it all became a multi-dimensional fashion business called ABURY…


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