Don’t dream your life, live your dreams!


‘Don’t dream your life, live your dreams’ – just a pretty little motivational quote? Not for Anica Alla: The German lives and works in Marrakesh and has, with her husband Yidir, turned her love of yoga into a successful business model.

(Source: ZDF Hallo Deutschland, July 27th, 2017)


Anica Alla is an entrepreneur organizing yoga trips in Morocco. She oscillates between Berlin and Moroccan metropolis Marrakesh – a city that captured her at first sight. A city that inspires her, that fuels her creativity. Together with her husband, Yidir, she heads NOSADE in Morocco. Four years ago the couple had the idea to turn yoga, Anica’s great passion, into a business and for more than three years the two have been offering a wide variety of yoga travel packages in Morocco in cooperation with a team that combines expert knowledge of both the country and yoga.


Anica and her team view Morocco’s obvious contrasts as a perfect opportunity to guide their traveling clients on a path that is soft and accessible, yet authentic, while providing them at the same time with a highly individual and sublime approach to yoga.


“Quite a few of our clients, particularly women travelling alone, are initially skeptical about Morocco as a destination”, says Anica Alla. “The very personal, individual, and authentic travel experiences they gain, however, quickly reverse that view and our clients leave both us and Morocco inspired, touched, and enthusiastic.”


A German TV newsmagazine, Hallo Deutschland, introduces NOSADE founders Anica & Yidir Alla and provides the audience with a taste of the singularity and the charm of a NOSADE trip:


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