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Get to know Marrakech in its diversity and prettiness. In the following, you can find our
TOP highlights in Marraceh, which we can highly recommend.

<strong>Bab Agnaou</strong>

Bab Agnaou

Admire the most historical big gate in Marrakech which is built out of stone

<b>Bahia Palace</b>

Bahia Palace

Visit the Bahia Palace, built in 1880, the old home of then Vizier Ba Ahmed

<b>Ben Youssef</b>

Ben Youssef

See the Koran school, built in the 16th century, with an architectural highlight

<strong>Café </strong><b>Nomad</b>

Café Nomad

Admire the view from the Nomad's rooftop and enjoy a coffee or a snack

<strong>Café </strong><b>de la Poste</b>

Café de la Poste

Treat your palate with tasty French dishes in Parisian ambience

<b>Djeema el Fna</b>

Djeema el Fna

Wriggle through the colofur labyrinth and enjoy the scents, colors and pictures

<b>El Badi Palace</b>

El Badi Palace

Visit the old existing palace, a masterpiece of
Arab-Andalusian art

<strong>Photography </strong><b>M.</b>

Photography M.

Here you can find breathtaking photographs Marrakech's origings



Enjoy traditional ambience at Hammam de la Rose and your personal massage

<b>Jardin Majorelle</b>

Jardin Majorelle

Enjoy the garden, visit the Café Dar Kaowa and the Store Rue33Majorelle

<b>Jardin Secret</b>

Jardin Secret

Explore the artful surroundings with great atmosphere in the garden



Enjoy a glass of wine with fresh sushi and the unique view from the cozy terrace



Relax at the cozy and traditionell Hammam and take time for yourself



Marvel the most important mosque in Marrakech, right in front of the big square

<b>La Famille Café</b>

La Famille Café

Visit the famous restaurant La Famille and enjoy unique, fresh food

<b>Marrakech M.</b>

Marrakech M.

Get to know the history of Marrakech and admire the old architecture



Get lost in the mervellous Medina in Marrakech, on of the biggest in Africa

<b>Menara Gardens</b>

Menara Gardens

Enjoy a walk through the 100 hectare big garden with its centered water basin



Treat your palate with Marrakech's best cuisine at the beautiful rooftop



Enjoy the view with snow coverred mountains or feel the chill breeze on a ski lope

<b>Place des Epices</b>

Place des Epices

Restaurants, cafes, hats, baskets, spices..on this place you can find everything

<b>Saadian Graves</b>

Saadian Graves

Visit the approximately 169 Saadian graves, where also seven sultans are buried

<b>Yves Saint Laurent</b>

Yves Saint Laurent

Explore the newly opened Yves Saint Laurent Museum and its impressive art

<b>Paradis du Safran</b>

Paradis du Safran

Learn everything about saffron, enjoy the garden and the fresh saffron menu

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