Marrakech – The Pearl of the South

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Arriving in Marrakech feels like being taken in its arms like a prodigal son. The air is like silk and the sounds and scents are intoxicating the senses.
It seems hard to find a focus in this sea of seething life, bustling action, loud shouts, and its feverish, everlasting, and never-ending circle of boiling life.

While drifting through the Medina, you admit yourself discovering treasures everywhere in any shape: Spices, perfumes, handicrafts, carpets, jewelry. Between all the small shops you will find tiny fruit and vegetable stalls where farmers offer their freshly harvested products; old carriages serving as counters for fresh delicious bread. Everything is surrounded by a bewitching smell. The whole city seems to be enchanted by drumming and singing, by snake charmers and storytellers. Calm and coolness can only be found once entering the very narrow streets.

In Marrakech colors dominate the streetscape. Colorful towels, countless orange stalls, dried dates, figs, apricots, scarves, shining silver, shoes, and more are pouring their magic all over. The loud shouts of traders never come to an end and even the night is dedicated to the life in this city. The drums in the big square Jemaa El Fna are flying like big birds through the darkness and reach the whole medina. The endless thread of greedy joy of living here seems to never end.

It is nice, to sit down in one of the countless small restaurants that line up here together like pearls on a chain, ordering a delicious mint tea, which is available everywhere in this country, to calm down, and soak up the never-ending impressions. And soon you will find yourself feeling comfortable and at home despite all the strangeness and fascination – in this sea of seething life, bustling action, loud shouts, and feverish, everlasting, and never-ending circle of boiling life.

But Marrakech has much more to offer. The magnificent palaces such as the El-Badi Palace and the Bahia Palace invite visitors to marvel at elaborate mosaics and opulent historical architecture. In the beautiful gardens such as the Jardin Majorelle, an oasis of color and plants, once enchanted by Yves Saint Laurent, you can enjoy the tranquility. The Jardin Menara with its characteristic pavilion and extensive olive groves is also worth a visit, as is the mysterious Jardin Secret, where exotic plants and historical architecture form a harmonious whole. An excursion to the nearby Agafay stone desert, where the sunset over the dunes is unforgettable, is also a real adventure.

Looking for more? Visit our blog post TOP THINGS TO SEE IN MARRAKECH and the TRAVEL REPORT: 5 DAYS IN MARRAKECH for more insider tips and inspiration. Marrakech awaits visitors with open arms and a wealth of unforgettable experiences!

Indeed no other city in the world deserves the name “Pearl of the South” more than Marrakech.

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