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NOSADE teaches holistic yoga with an emphasis on health benefits.

Focusing on bio-mechanically and anatomically correct movement, we view yoga as a means to promote and maintain quality of life, health, and autonomy on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

Our teaching styles range from Anusara, Hatha, (Power-) Vinyasa Flow, Iyengar to restorative and Yin yoga.

In our fundamental conviction that the mere practice of poses is not enough to cultivate a healthy, and – most importantly – conscious sensitivity for our body both on the inside and the outside, we deepen the understanding of our very personal (motion-) patterns throughout our yoga retreats and during our travels and again and again create connections to everyday life. Focusing on bio-mechanically correct movement patterns and holistic well-being, motion and strength, breathing technique, classical yoga philosophy, spirituality and meditation, our scope expands to the therapeutic aspects of yoga.

The ancient philosophy of yoga in its full extent, in connection with advances in and adaptation of the Asana to the needs of the 21st century human body, make yoga the marvelous, helpful, clear, and rewarding path that it is.

Our Yoga classes are taught in English and / or German.


Team Lehrer Victor Thiele_Source NOSADE

Victor Thiele

Victor Thiele (yogafürdich, Berlin)

As founder of yogafürdich in Berlin in 2008 Victor looks back on decades of own yoga and meditation practice. Next to completed trainings and workshops in yoga and gym, he is practicing constantly and regularly yoga and meditation as his life and health elixir. This knowledge he is sharing with his students and fellows. For him it is important to always to face the people who come to him in the classroom, with an open heart, without wanting to moralize them, especially in terms of their lifestyle.
“I am a very free-spirited yogi who has learned through the years about my own practice and especially from my own experience to combine the ancient tradition of yoga with the events of modern life and to unite them. Therefore, my teaching is authentic, clear and precise, often demanding and intense, yet leaving enough room for the fun and the joy of Yoga. ”

Victor is teaching Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga, a modern style of yoga which can affect on transforming one’s entire personality.



Sabine Klein

Sabine Klein (yogafürdich enso yoga, Berlin)

Since 2012, Sabine is teaching a mindfulness-based, calm and precise yoga style in Yogastudios and private lessons in Berlin.
After two decades of her own yoga praxis, she decides for her first training at Spirit Yoga in Berlin, another training in the traditional style after Sivananda, training in Yin and restorative yoga as well as yoga therapy.
Basis of her teaching is the flowing style of Vinyasa Yoga with the emphasis on Pranayama and meditation.
Yoga does not have a certain way or style for her, but is an individual practice path, in which you have to experience and explore always new paths and ways and reevaluate, where you stand, what you need and where to go.
Her lessons provide the space to go this way with joy and enthusiasm.


Inanna Fronius (Yoga-Teacher, Berlin)


Inanna Fronius

Inanna embarked on her yoga journey more than 12 years ago. And what started as a casual fling has become a committed relationship without she cannot imagine her life anymore.
She is registered as RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance and has taken teacher trainings in classical Hatha Yoga in Rishikesh, India, as well as in Power Yoga with Denise Payne in Bali, followed by trainings in Yin Yoga and Yoga Therapy as as Aerial Yoga.
In her classes she combines the playful-creative elements of Vinyasa Flow with the clear precision of Hatha Yoga, as well as Pranayama and meditation.
Inanna lives in Berlin and teaches mainly dynamic Hatha and Vinyasa Flow Yoga. And a few times a year she rolls up her mat to teach in other parts of the world.
“TRUST THE YOGA! And everything else will come to you.”


Khadija Maros (Yoga-Teacher, Amsterdam)

NOSADE Team Khadija Maros_Source Khadija Maros

Khadija Maros

“Khadija was born in Morocco and this country awakened a deep connection with nature within her from a young age. She is always dreaming and very positive. Today, this is the way she looks at life and incorporate this into her yoga classes.
Khadija’s background and training in yoga is Hatha, Yin yoga and Yoga Nidra. She did a 250 hours teacher training, 100 hours of Pre & Post Natal and 100 hours of Bhagavad Gita at Yoga Vidya Gurugul in India, recognized as Yoga & Yoga therapy research organization by University of Pune. 100 hours of Yin Yoga at Stillness in Yoga in the Netherlands. Besides teaching yoga Khadija is working as holistic nutritionist. She is specialized in detox retreats.”


Judith Keufl (Yoga-Teacher, Berlin)

NOSADE Team Judith Keufl_Source JK

Judith Keufl

Judith teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Yin Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation in Berlin. Yoga has been an integral part of her life for six years. At the beginning, yoga was just a tool to relieve back pain. But then yoga became more for her: Yoga is her anchor and hold in life.

In 2017 she completed the 250 hours teacher training at yogafürdich with Victor Thiele, Frauke Schroth and Sandra Winkens. This was followed by further education with Elena Brower, Gurmukh and Katonah Yoga. Her great love for Ayurveda and essential oils are additional parts of Judith’s work.

Judith teaches pure, precise and plain. With great joy and ease she is leading people to more well-being, clarity and joy.


Franziska von Hoff (Yoga-Teacher, St. Gallen)


Franziska von Hoff

“Upon moving to Switzerland 8 years ago, I discovered yoga while looking for something steady that would complement and balance out my regular desk job in the world of architecture and materials. Inspired by enriching yoga classes, I successfully participated in a 200h yoga teacher training based on classical Hathayoga in Kerala, India. In March 2017 I completed my 200h “Anusara Teacher Training”, further deepening my understanding of the human architecture, yoga philosophy, and heart qualities. Right from the start it was the impact the combination of the different Asanasand breathing techniques had on body, soul, and well-being that fascinated me. Despite the physical exhaustion I felt deep relaxation and was at peace with myself. My own experience and my enthusiasm for yoga, inspired by my teachers,  my training, workshops, students, friends, my surroundings, and my travels, is what I strive to share with and pass along to others. My approach to teaching is structured and forceful, while at the same time gentle and joyful to convey feelings of strength, courage, and levity in an unbiased manner free from constraints. I want the different Asanas, Pranayamas, and short meditation techniques I employ to allow students to leave my lessons with a smile on their faces. My teaching method aims to incorporate everyday thoughts, the body, and – in particular – breathing, to enable students to find themselves step by step.”


Team Gaia Ceccarelli_Source NOSADE

Gaia Ceccarelli

Gaia Ceccarelli (Yoga-Teacher, worldwide)

Movement and body as an instrument to create harmony have always been an integral part of her life. Gaia studied classical, modern and contemporary dance for 16 years. Inspired by Vinyasa Yoga her teaching style emphasizes body awareness and alignment, focussing the attention on cultivating sensibilty, honesty and concentration on the mat and in life. When teaching, Gaia’s focus is to guide students towards  having the confidence and understanding to develop a self-practice and to personally experience the transformative power of yoga.

Gaia is living in Italy and teaching Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Power Yoga & Restorative Yin Yoga. Follow her on yogatrail. Or join her on one of her teacher trainings with TRIBE – Yoga Teacher Training School.



Andria Madisson Lund

Andria Madisson Lund (bearfootyoga, Bad Tölz)

“Walk in Beauty” – Navajo (Indian Prayer)
Andria, Canadian native, M.A. intercultural Communication & Cooperation, has been practicing Hatha yoga for 30 years and  became a certified yoga Sivananda Yoga Instructor in Vrindavan, India. Andria has developed an eclectic teaching style called “Bearfoot Yoga” that integrates aspects of various lineages and rituals of Indian and Native American culture. She will take you on a journey of creative sun-salutations, followed by strong, dynamic breath-centered poses, inversions, backbends, cooling postures and deep relaxation, affirmations and meditation. Her classes are designed to build strength in mind and body, stamina and vitality.

When she is not teaching globally or locally in her home town Bad Tölz, she is working on intercultural projects with the refugees, cooking and walking in surrounding beauty with her dog Coco.


Team Katrin Witt_Source NOSADE

Katrin Witt

Katrin Witt (Yoga Teacher, Berlin)

For over 10 years you can find nomad heart Katrin regularly on the mat. In the yoga practice, she found peace and strength from the very beginning – serenity and gratitude followed.
The desire being able to pass that to others has initiated her doing a yoga teacher training in 2013 in India at the Ashiyana Yoga Centre and aroused her interest in yoga and holistic life approaches. Additionally it is Katrin’s heartfelt concern to integrate yoga into a normal life, to practice with fun and joy and to submit no overlying strict dogmas.
She is encouraged in each class inviting people to take a step towards the path to themselves – whether on a roof terrace over Marrakech, in the vastness of the desert or at the beachfronts of the Atlantic!

Katrin lives in Berlin and teaches Power Vinyasa Flow and Power Core Pilates.



Henriette Lorenz

Henriette Lorenz (Yoga Teacher, Berlin)

Movement, change, dynamics.
Introspective, calm, balance.

Yoga unites aspects of life that seem to have nothing in common.
On the mat we feel these opposites.
“In my practice and my teaching, I emphasize on biomechanical orientation, which brings change through introspective that allows us to master our daily life dynamically but yet calmly.
Physical and mental well-being. This is yoga. On the mat and off the mat!

Trained in yoga therapy, I also teach students with limitations and find individual paths in the yoga practice and for everyday life.”

Henriette teaches Anusara orientated yoga at all levels, with the goal of building a bridge between mat and everyday life together with her students. As an experiential educator, she always follows the motto “A gram of experience is worth more than a ton of theory.”


NOSADE Team Jutta Jaeger_Source Jutta Jaeger

Jutta Jaeger

Jutta Jaeger (Jutta Jaeger Yoga, Salem)

Don`t push the river it flows by itself. (Berry Stevens)

Jutta is a yoga teacher, painter and analytical Gestalt therapist. She lived and worked for 25 years in Salem on Lake Constance. For many years she already travels to Morocco and has lived 6 months in Marrakech.
With Yoga, Gestalt therapy and painting she combines everything close to her heart. Her focus in teaching yoga goes especially towards body awareness, towards feeling blockades and pain and to seek relief within. Depth fasciae work is her favorite area. People who have made not any experiences with yoga or who feel physical limitations are in perfectly good hands. Experienced yogis have the opportunity to dive deeper and to rediscovering levels.


Felicitas Brozio (Yoga-Teacher, worldwide)


Felicitas Brozio

As a traveling yoga teacher, Feli’s mission is to inspire and motivate as many people as possible in their own yoga practice. “Yoga is my basis for a happy, healthy and self-determined life in the here and now – that’s what I call YOGALICITY :)”

Feli emphasizes the importance of a careful practice, as well as the perception and acceptance of one’s own needs. This is the basis for her to approach and transform individual boundaries with joy and ease.

The roots of her yoga education lie in classical hatha yoga. This was followed by further education in the areas of yoga therapy, Yin Yoga and Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga. In addition to dynamic yoga, she is passionate about teaching Yin Yoga because she is fascinated by the healing and transforming power of this yoga style.


Nadine Bader (Spirit Yoga, Berlin)

Nadine Bader_Source NB for NOSADE

Nadine Bader

Nadine has lived in Berlin since 2002 and has also found yoga there. Especially in the bustling city, she finds her little daily break. The yoga mat is for her a small island on which the world out there should not matter for 90 minutes.

She has practiced for 15 years and feels very connected to the flowing Vinyasa Flow style. In 2011 she completed her yoga teacher training with Lara Baumann (Quantum Yoga) in London and in 2016 the further 500+ education with Patricia Thielemann (Spirit Yoga Berlin).

Nadine teaches fluent, dynamic and above all powerful yoga classes. She attaches great importance to motivating her students to draw from their own strength and to meet their own practice and themselves with humor and ease. The time on the yoga mat is to give the student a sense of strength, but also peace, in order to be able to face everyday life stronger.

Two years ago, she discovered her love of restorative yoga and also offers Yin Yoga lessons. Through regular workshops and further education, among others with Max Strom, Bryan Kest, Ana Forest, Tias Little and many others, she finds new inspiration for her own practice and her lessons.


Traudi Pich (Try2Fly “Yoga and Ayurveda”, Ingolstadt)

Traudi Pich_Source TP for NOSADE

Traudi Pich

Traudi Pich discovered yoga in 2001. After years of work in the fitness industry, her desire for more peace and serenity had grown. First, the body-oriented and dynamic “Power Yoga” after Bryan Kest with numerous workshops with him. The millennia-old healing system fascinated her, not only the positive effect on the body through a better posture and flexibility but also the balance and peace that you could experience after every hour. To deepen this, she completed a medical-scientific Hatha Yoga teacher training in 2008, as well as the “Prana Vinyasa Flow” training of Shiva Rea. After two more educations and many teachers and influences, for which she is very grateful, she regularly teaches open classes, personal yoga, and workshops.

Traudi lives in Ingolstadt and since 2017 runs her own studio Try2Fly “Yoga and Ayurveda”.  Her style combines various influences such as Vinyasa Yoga, Prana Flow and Kundalini Yoga. In flowing sequences, somatic and energetic levels of the body meet and fill all cells with life and vitality – we feel this as calmness, centering and inner balance.



Katrin Antonow

Katrin Antonow (Yoga Teacher, Berlin)

Katrin discovered yoga 10 years ago when she practiced her first sun salutation. What initially was meant only as a compensation for other sports, quickly developed into a passion that continues to this day. In addition to her work as a lawyer, Katrin completed her apprenticeship as a yoga teacher at Spirityoga in Berlin in 2014. Since then, she has continued to pursue her studies.

Katrin is particularly fascinated by the healing power of yoga, which is created by the combination of breath, mind and movement and, besides physical relaxation, leads to inner peace and serenity. In her clearly structured and partly demanding classes, Katrin attaches great importance to giving each student sufficient space for his or her individual needs and to discover the many facets of yoga for themselves.

Katrin teaches a powerful Vinyasa Yoga at various studios in Berlin.


Denise Kaschube_Source DK for NOSADE

Denise Kaschube

Denise Kaschube (Yoga Teacher, Fitness Trainer & Lifestyle Coach, Berlin)

Denise stands for power in balance. As Denise places a lot of value on a clean technique, the effect of the asanas is immediately noticeable. In her classes you not only strengthen your muscles but also release tension. Be aware of one thing: you will start to sweat – “Because with a strengthened back and a firm butt you simply sit better.” D.K.
Yoga means for Denise: Meditation in motion. The retraction of the senses from the outside to the inside. How do I feel right now? What concerns me? What do I need in this moment? Denise helps you arrive with yourself. You can bring clarity to your thoughts. You focus on the essentials. New ideas and solutions show up.
Denise has 13 years of experience as a fitness trainer. Her yoga and meditation practice began in 2010. As a business economist, NLP coach and yoga teacher she supports her participants in being fit and vital. Also and especially in stressful moments.
In Berlin she teaches Power Yoga, Yin Yoga, Aerial Yoga as well as Fitness in group courses and individual trainings. With her as a lifestyle coach, you break up unwanted patterns of behavior and establish promising new ones. Denise loves traveling. City trips with a lot of culture, culinary delights and inspiring people as well as far from civilization to be there to explore stunning natural beauties in hiking, climbing, mountain biking or diving.
Travel with her to beautiful Morocco while being inspired by her to discover a new part of yourself.



Bettina Lamghari

Bettina Lamghari (Yoga Teacher, Marrakech)

“Yoga is an art, a science and a philosophy.” BKS Iyengar (1918-2014)

Bettina teaches yoga in Iyengar style, which she teaches as the owner of the yoga school iyoma in Marrakech and on her yoga travels throughout the country wholehearted and with full conviction.


Birgit Künzli (Yoga Teacher, Italy & worldwide)


Birgit Künzli

Birgit has 20 years of own yoga and meditation as well as 10 years of teaching experience. She is a Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga teacher (500h), Yin Yoga teacher, prenatal and kids yoga teacher, health coach and author. Birgit has a passion for supporting others: she loves working especially with women to engage them finding themselves again through yoga and a slowliving lifestyle. She loves bringing people back to a natural, slow life.

“My life’s mission is to support you to re-discover your authenticity and live in it completely, I will support you to find your ultimate wellness through yoga and a healthy lifestyle.

Suffering is part of life. When I personally realized that suffering actually came from the constant looking for happiness and the perfect life, something changed in my own life. Recognizing that being unhappy comes from a wrong perspective and wrong thoughts everything changed. Now I feel that I want to live life as a whole, with all the ups and downs, and not just the happy side of it. Life is beautiful and perfect as it is, and that is happiness.“

Find out more about Birgit and her teaching on her Youtube Channel or on her website.


Anica Team NOSADE_Source NOSADE

Anica Alla

Anica Alla

Anica founded NOSADE to share authentic travel experiences in beautiful, diverse, and ever fascinating Morocco with like-minded nomad-hearted people.

One of her concerns as an entrepreneur is combining a conscious approach to nature and culture on the one hand with a company that creates jobs for locals and operates in a sustainable and fair fashion on the other. She strives to provide both clients and employees with educational and formative experiences.

As a yoga teacher she blends knowledge of the bio-mechanical aspects of healthy motion in yoga with a balanced and conscious approach to life that is rooted in thousands of years of yoga tradition and teachings.

“Make conscious choices about how to move – joyfully, and yet skillfully and aware – how you want to think and feel and take these learnings from the mat to your daily life.”

Anica is a trained yoga therapist. She also teaches Anusara yoga to students of all proficiency levels, focusing on the development of an autonomous awareness for a pain-free and self-determined life in motion.



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