Day 1 – Arrival in Marrakech at the NOSADE Venue

My adventure in Marrakech began with a warm welcome at the airport, where I was picked up by a friendly driver from NOSADE. The transfer to the NOSADE venue went smoothly as I caught my first glimpses of the stunning city. On arrival at the riad, I was warmly welcomed by Moustapha and Zeyneb. They showed me around the traditional riad, which is truly a living relic of the tales of the Thousand and One Nights.

Day 2 – Exploring the gardens of Marrakech

After a delicious breakfast in the riad, I set off to discover the treasures of Marrakech. My route took me through the labyrinthine, colourful, and lively alleyways of the medina. The souks quickly captivated me with their indescribable interplay of colours, smells, and the countless goods on offer. Spices, herbs, ceramics, and traditional handicrafts were stacked up all around me. A few alleyways further on, mountains of hand-knotted carpets, cushions, and slippers piled up, while mirrors and unique lamps shone above my head.

My first stop was the Jardin Secret, a beautiful walled garden that offered an oasis of calm in the middle of the bustling city. I strolled along the turquoise-tiled paths through the lush green garden, admired the impressive variety of plants, and enjoyed the marvelous view from the terraces over a cup of traditional Moroccan tea at Café Menzeh.

In the afternoon, I visited the famous Jardin Majorelle, the botanical garden of Yves Saint Laurent – another jewel of the city. The vibrant blues and yellows of the buildings and the lush vegetation created a magical atmosphere that enchanted me. I walked through the palm and cactus oasis, past more exotic plants from around the world, to the glowing Majorelle blue villa – the former studio of Jacques Majorelle. Today, the villa at the heart of the garden houses the Berber Museum, which impressively presents the culture and creativity of the Berbers, North Africa’s oldest inhabitants.

Before heading back, I visited the Musée Yves Saint Laurent located across the street. Illuminated by small spotlights, 50 unique dresses by Yves Saint Laurent are on display there.

After a day full of new impressions, I went to the restaurant Naranj for dinner on Moustapha’s recommendation. From the rooftop terrace, I enjoyed a breathtaking view over the city at sunset. I ended the day with candlelight and traditional Moroccan cuisine and immersed myself in the romantic atmosphere of Marrakech.

Day 3 – Relaxing at the NOSADE Venue

On the third day, I opted for a relaxing day at the NOSADE venue. After a hearty breakfast, I practiced yoga on the riad’s spacious roof terrace and enjoyed the warm sunshine.
In the evening, Moustapha invited me to a Moroccan dinner that he had prepared himself. I enjoyed the delicious food and warm hospitality in the company of the other riad guests.

Day 4 – Day trip to the Agafay desert

On Moustapha’s recommendation, I decided to explore the Agafay Desert on the fourth day. A breathtaking desert landscape, just a short drive from Marrakech. Moustapha organized a taxi to pick me up in the morning.
The journey through the landscape was an experience in itself. Passing picturesque villages and endless olive groves, we finally reached the Agafay desert. The peaceful hills and vast plains provided an impressive contrast to the bustling city of Marrakech.
After a long walk through the impressive, rocky desert oasis, I decided to go on a camel tour. The gentle swaying of the camel and the expansive views allowed me to savour the tranquillity and vastness of the untouched nature to the full.
With a view of the snow-covered peaks of the Atlas Mountains, my taxi took me back to Marrakech in the afternoon.
Back at the riad, I was greeted by Moustapha with a warm smile. I recounted my adventure in the Agafay Desert while savouring a delicious Moroccan dinner.
After an unforgettable day full of adventure and magical moments in the desert, I fell into my cozy bed at the NOSADE Venue, exhausted but happy, and dreamt of the unforgettable impressions of this trip.

Day 5 – Farewell to Marrakech

On the last day of my stay in Marrakech, I could hardly believe that time had passed so quickly. After a final breakfast in the riad, I was taken to the airport by a driver from NOSADE. During the journey through the bustling streets of the city, I reviewed my experiences and decided to come back soon.
The magic of Marrakech and the warm hospitality at the NOSADE venue left a deep impression on me. I will always carry these days in this fascinating city in my heart and I am already looking forward to my next visit.

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