LIVING NOSADE: Marrakesh Cooking Class with Ouafa


“I have never had cooking classes. It’s not that I’m not curious, it’s just something I had not gotten around to – until now. So I booked a cooking class with Ouafa, whose incredibly tasty tajine I had been fortunate enough to try before. Moroccan cuisine is rich in spices, veggie friendly, and, as I was about to find out, not really that hard to emulate.

When I arrive at the Riad around noon, everything is prepared. Dishes and bowls of chopped and sliced vegatables, spices, oils and – naturally – a large tajine. Together we’re preparing the vegetables and a spice mixture based on garlic and coriander. The tajine is swiftly filled, ready to gently simmer on the stove for half of the afternoon.



In the meantime we take care of the starters. We’re preparing four different varieties, all of them mouth watering: A bean salad, cauliflower in spicy oil, sweet pumpkin with honey and cinnamon and – last but not least – my favourite: eggplant salad.

Almost all the dishes are prepared using different combinations of the same spices: salt, pepper, sweet pepper, ginger, curcuma, chili, coriander and lots and lots of garlic. I am astonished how simple and quick creating a great selection of different dishes from the same pool of ingredients is for us.


When we sit down at night with Anica and friends to taste the day’s work, we all end up bellystuffed to the brim and happy. It was thoroughly enjoyable and then Oufa surprised us with homemade Moroccan cake for dessert. That’s it, now I really am full.

Back in Germany, whenever I’ll be feeling nostalgic about Morocco (or simply want to spoil a bunch of friends), I’ll just get cooking and transfer myself back into the red city.”

© Corinna Kaempfe for NOSADE 2016

Corinna is writing on a weekly basis about her experiences and adventures doing an internship in Morocco with NOSADE.

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