Sahara Desert Camp Morocco

It is a strange feeling! A bit like the arrival on a deserted island, protected from the irrepressible desert winds, located at the foot of a giant dune. We sigh. It is just before sunset, we are tired, hungry and incredibly thirsty.

Like a promise the camp lies at our feet and greets in silence while we climb the last dune down. This is home, here we will find comfort and tranquility.


Built around an invisible center the newly planted palm trees, the lovely equipped tents and carpets all over are welcoming us with coziness. Heavily breathing we allow ourselves to fall on the large seat cushions, clustered around a small table in the middle of the tents. Inside the tents the beds already yawning with their thick camel hair blankets under which the cold desert night seam to be welcome to start.

Everything is simple, but functional and as we get our incomparable Berber mint tea, the triggering nuts and fresh olives, we sink even deeper into the released seat cusions. Lanterns are lit and cast their warm light as a farewell to the infinite silence beyond. See you tomorrow! And from the wilderness, it seems to whisper: “Yes! See you tomorrow for a new encounter …. ”


The evening is dedicated to the community. While tempting smells from the kitchen tent occur, we are talking and laughing, tell us the impressions of the day, enjoy the silence together, smoking and drinking the unmistakable delicious Berber whiskey.

Above our heads immediately blossoms a natural phenomenon – the starry sky! From the velvet cloak of the night, light dots peel without numbers, bow, begin to shine, shimmer and grow close together like wild poppy on a deserted field. In a low gear, the innumerable stars unite in the ever deepening darkness with the milk-white band of our sky street and finally to a stunning dance of sovereignty, dignity, power. And the brighter the stars drown, the more silent we get – suddenly feeling so small, given the massive size above us.

After a fabulous dinner the Berber guides join us with their drums and add the rhythm to the nocturnal power protecting us within the magic circle of the camp. Our simple beds now yawning unmistakably promising to spend the night like princes and kings of the desert in our Sahara desert camp.

© Rita Richter for NOSADE 2015


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