Partners on and off the mat


With YOIQI we at NOSADE have found the best partner imaginable for sustainable yoga clothing

The label from Freiburg has been selling jumpsuits, leggings and tops made from organic cotton out of their little shop in Freiburg and online since early 2016.


Every aspect of the production cycle, from cultivation and harvest to the final stitching, is handled by cultural initiative SEKEM in Egypt. SEKEM pay particular attention to sustainability, fair working conditions and compensation and employee development. They ensure that any revenues created in the process actually make it back to Egypt.


Both – YOIQI and NOSADE – actively take steps leading to more empowerment, fairness, and sustainable living and working conditions in Africa

It is exactly this philosophy that we at NOSADE share with YOIQI and, as Morocco lovers, we take particular joy in the fact that our partner label’s production is located in Africa. Both NOSADE founder Anica and YOIQI’s founders share a passion for the desert and the desire to use their respective companies to take steps leading to more empowerment, fairness, and sustainable living and working conditions on the African continent, in Morocco as well as in Egypt.


All in love with YOIQI Yoga Wear

That said, there are plenty of reasons beyond the exciting background why the entire NOSADE team is in love with YOIQI’s gear. The clothes are just so comfortable to wear! Nothing pinches or itches and the clothing follows the movement of the body without shifting during yoga practice. The premium fabric feels particularly comfortable on the skin and the outfits are fashionable even off the yoga mat.

There may have been quite a number of times when NOSADE employees who did not have a yoga session that day still slipped into their favorite YOIQI outfit in the morning.


Who could resist when even after the fifth attempt at a headstand (or after 5 minutes standing on your head ;)) everything is still in the right place?

We are very excited to have found a partner in YOIQI living the same values as NOSADE, ensuring that we look and feel great. Thank you so much, YOIQI!

YOIQI has recently lounged its new collection with new cuts and colors – Morocco colors, as we at NOSADE call them. YOIQI equips the NOSADE teacher team with their great gear, and NOSADE clients benefit from a special discount that can be found in our cool Goodie Bags when joining for a trip!



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