Yoga under Moroccan sun?
Fine’s got your back!

Those of you who have recently embarked on a NOSADE trip found a small welcome gift upon arrival at the Riad. Our goodie bag! As of recently it includes a sample from our latest partner label, fi-ne.
Fine’s got your back for yoga under Moroccan sun!

We are very proud indeed of this cooperation, as – once again – we were lucky enough to come across people whose convictions we share and who create products that are not just eye candy, but work.


This time it is the talented Judith Springer, another Berlin founder, yoga instructor and Morocco lover, just like Anica. Blessed with a great nose (not just for business), Judith again and again arrived at the sensory limits on her quest for a fully natural, efficient deodorant, until she decided to take matters into her own hands and created Fine.

The result is an organic deodorant lotion that doesn’t just smell great, but is so natural that you could actually eat it! As Judith isn’t just blessed with a great nose, but also with a keen eye, she packaged her product in wonderful reusable glass crucibles and cotton bags and has been selling them successfully ever since. This is no surprise: After all, the deodorant works like a charm. We were able to confirm this ourselves and have been staunch supporters of Fine, just as Judith, ever since.


You, too, can become a believer – the yoga lessons under the Moroccan sun at your next NOSADE yoga retreat will have you work up a sweat, but, thanks to our goodie bag, Fine will ensure that nobody notices it. Thanks, Fine!


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