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This is the trip for all of you, seeking something so unique, individual and special: Book your very own Yoga Desert Tour, scheduled upon your request – any time between September and May!

Moroccan drums_Source NOSADE by Philipp Hofstetter

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Instructed by a Moroccan musician in the uniquely peaceful atmosphere of the Sahara desert, you will be taught each day to a style that combines the desert’s traditional with modern sound inspirations.

Berber Tajine Traditional Moroccan Food_Source NOSADE

Bookable any time
Enjoy the opportunity not just to experience the vastness of the country, its cultural richness and the beauty of Morocco but also learn how to cook traditional, delicious Berber dishes.

NOSADE is offering a range of changing, very individual special deals in the stunning surrounding of either Morocco’s Sahara desert or in one of the worlds most magical cities – Marrakech. Join us for traditional drum lessons and experience the sound of silence in the middle of desert. Dive deep into desert life, asana & meditation during an individual yoga & desert tour or get inspired on one of our very tasteful culinary trips.


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