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Yoga is union – that’s what it means interpreting it literally from sanskrit. If we want to facilitate union we have to be open for connection. Yoga is about the quality of openness, it’s about awareness and sensitivity and it is about connecting and cultivating these abilities.

NOSADE is teaching yoga classes with a focus on biomechanical movement and health while advancing the today’s practice of asanas. In our retreats as well as on individual yoga trips we are deepening your understanding of movement patterns as we consider just doing poses is not enough. With our contemporary understanding of quality in the daily movement we interpretate yoga as a skillful way to connect asana and biomechanics, breath and awareness. We are teaching yoga styles that are mainly about practing aware and aligned, gaining the benefits out of evolving, making choices about how we are moving.

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Experience skillful yoga with NOSADE in beautiful surroundings. Connect yoga with the richness and authenticity of Morroco’s culture, hiking, meditation, very special tours and so much more.

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