NOSADE Intern: Strategic changes
in 2020

Press Release

NOSADE to Undergo Strategic Changes in its Sixth Year

Yoga Travel Family Business to Reorganize Business Fields


NOSADE was founded in 2014 as a family business to offer authentic and highly personalized (yoga) experiences in Morocco in a familiar atmosphere.

NOSADE Founders Yidir + Anica Alla_Source Madlen Krippendorf

NOSADE Founders Anica + Yidir Alla


We stand out, because of our experience as one of the first organizers in the yoga travel business in Morocco and, because as a family business we can offer travel experiences within small groups off the beaten tourist paths.

We definitely want to stay true to ourselves while remaining a family business.

Over the past two years NOSADE has seen such growth that we were not always able to meet our own aspirations within the challenges of the growth.

Furthermore, we want yoga to retain the significance we feel it deserves in our ventures. Yoga and yoga travels are currently very much in fashion and have become a hot lifestyle trend in recent years. Considering the quality in a yoga class, its holistic approach in uniting body & mind, its ideals and its rich roots are utmost important to us – and not a marketing idea behind, with which good money can be earned. Morocco itself has, additionally, become a very popular yoga travel destination. In light of these developments, we have come to realize that we do not wish to chase and satisfy trends, but instead strife to stay true to our ideals, our philosophy, our passion, and our competencies.

Thus we intend to focus on our Yoga-Riad in Marrakesh, which, as of 2019 is both bookable as a small, nice, family hotel and as a yoga destination with providing a multitude of options: On the one hand we offer individual yoga sessions in line with our philosophy to our hotel guests, on the other we teach small groups and hold workshops on a regular basis. Our “Urban Marrakesh“ format will remain bookable for small groups.

A new offer is the option to book the whole Riad as a yoga destination for instructors traveling with their own groups and wanting to be able to rely on a trustworthy and experienced local partner for logistics, organizational responsibilities, and implementation. We aim to expand our range to be able to offer all the Morocco retreat packages we lovingly developed over the past six years to interested teachers as allround carefree packages that include our infrastructure, our experience, and our carefully selected partner network.

This means that our current core business, yoga group travels for everyone that are bookable almost year round, will be discontinued. The last NOSADE yoga travel experience in the current format will take place from December 28th, 2019, to January 2nd, 2020.

We will continue, however, to offer our individually bookable desert trips including one overnight stay in our beautiful family apartment in Merzouga and an individually customizable number of nights amidst the vastness of the sand dunes, crossing the desert on camelback. Additional news in this regard: In 2019 the Moroccan government started tearing down desert camps within the dunes and moving them to the edge of the desert, resulting, from our perspective, in a lessening of the desert experience of vastness and tranquility that we would like to share with our guests.

Currently, we do not understand the reasoning behind these measures. We do know, however, that camps that are erected temporarily and with the required permits, can still be set up in the dunes. Starting in 2019 we are providing our guests with high-quality, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable tents made by Lotusbelle which can be set up swiftly by one of our guides, providing sustainable lodging for the duration of the desert tour.

Lotusbelle Desertcamp by NOSADE_Source NOSADE

We would like to thank all our guests, customers, partners, and instructors from the bottom of our hearts for their trust in us, for the long-standing cooperation, and for being part of the NOSADE path – thus far and in the slightly modified future – and we look forward to everything that tomorrow may bring.

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