Yoga as a source of strength & clarity – Interview with Füsun Folger (enso yoga Berlin)


ensoyoga Founder Füsun Folger

Istanbul born yoga teacher Füson Folger has opened a beautiful yoga studio called enso yoga in Berlin’s Mitte district. Here, in the heart of Berlin, right between historic Gendarmenmarkt and Checkpoint Charlie, she offers a wide variety of styles both for beginners and pros alike as well as kids’, corporate and pre- and postnatal courses.

In October 2017 Füsun will come to Marrakech accompanied by students from her yoga school to teach for NOSADE at our Green Marrakech Retreat. We have asked Füsun a couple of questions to learn more about her:



Dear Füsun, when did you first come into contact with yoga?

About 12 years ago i came across yoga. I was working in HR in an American/international environment. My area of responsibility was rather wide and the job was pretty fast paced, involving a lot of traveling, meetings etc. Constant sitting caused me a lot of trouble with my neck and back and thus my doctor recommended I try yoga – which I did. It took me three attempts until I had finally found a style and a teacher that were perfect for me. That was when I signed up at Cosmo Yoga at Kurfürstendamm in Berlin.

What does yoga mean for you?

Nowadays yoga has become a natural part of my life, affecting all parts of it. It is daily routine as well as a source of strength and clarity. Yoga helps me find internal order and allows me to focus on the essential. What is paradox about yoga, though, is that you need to overcome yourself and be disciplined, particularly as a novice, while at the same time you have to be able to let go and to relax to really feel the effect. Resolving this contradiction is a lengthy process.

When did you realize you wanted to teach?

After about 8 years of practical experience I felt the desire to share this experience with others and to deepen my own understanding of yoga. The best way to do this is to teach. I signed up for a Hatha Yoga teaching course in Istanbul and for another one that focused on the Vinyasa style at Spirit Yoga. Additionally, I went to a lot of workshops and retreats with experienced teachers. At the same time I rented my own room and began teaching. Later I worked for Fitness First and other yoga studios.


With your own yoga studio enso yoga Berlin you have, like Anica, joined the ranks of Berlin’s female founders. Could you describe the path to your first yoga studio?

Oh, that was a long path… It had been my goal for quite some time and I knew exactly what the studio should to look like and where it was to be located. There were times when I was vigorously looking for a place and then dropped the idea, as I was simply not willing to compromise. I am incredibly grateful and happy that it all worked out so beautifully in the end. It makes me think of something my first teacher said: “Things will come to you when you are ready for them!”

In October 2017 you will be teaching at an enso yoga retreat at NOSADE. How did that come about?

Katrin Witt accompanied our development for the first couple of months as a pilates and yoga instructor. She told me about NOSADE, so that’s how I met Anica. Right from the start it was just a perfect fit: the relationship, the location, and much more. I am so looking forward to this trip!


What do you expect from a NOSADE retreat with your own students?

A yoga retreat is a journey to the self and thus something very special. I know from my own experience that a good retreat stays with you for a long time, enabling you to draw from it again and again. I hope that my students will benefit as much from the trip as I always did.

What does teaching at a yoga retreat mean for you, personally?

A retreat enables me to create a more intense space for my students’ experiences. Yoga does not exist by itself, but draws from interaction of people and environment. It will therefore be exciting to see how the city, the climate, and the space influence and inspire our lessons.
Hopefully our journey to Marrakech will only be the beginning. I am looking forward to many more exciting trips and joint projects with NOSADE.

Thank you so much for the interview, dear Füsun. We are looking forward to seeing you in Morocco soon!


In case you cannot wait to hit the yoga mat with Füsun – here is enso yoga’s current course schedule.



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