Christmas Yoga Retreat_Source NOSADE by Tomi Valny

Spend the most special time of the year differently! Join us for a Yoga Christmas Retreat and explore Morocco’s most beautiful sights! (Individually extendable until 2 January)


Enjoy the days around the turn of the year with an intensive New Year’s Yoga Retreat in lively Marrakech. Enjoy yoga & special workshops overlooking magical, ancient Marrakech!


Enjoy magical Marrakech, its famous, beauty- and colorful, calm gardens and its green surrounding area. Enjoy 8 days of skillfulness & inspiration on our very special Yoga Retreat “Green Marrakech”!

Wüstenyoga Marokko Sahara Yoga_Source NOSADE

Join us for 10 days yoga in Marrakech and the majestic Sahara desert. Experience Berber cuisine & culture. Dive deep into asana, relaxation & creativity for both your body and soul.

Marrakech Yoga Dancing Shiva_Source NOSADE

Enjoy 5 days yoga overlooking the magical, ancient city of Marrakech. Dive deep into the most famous of Morocco’s imperial cities, into it’s culture and history and into the souks of the medina.


Experience Marrakech and the Sahara desert, experience the nature, its endless vastness and tranquility. Experience yoga, meditation and culture in Morocco’s most captivating spots.


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