Yoga Garden

Imagine a green oasis right in the middle of the famous Medina of Marrakech. Imagine practicing yoga in the open air, being immersed in a fabulous, enchanting garden.
A green haven you can stop by on your trip to calm down, to enjoy yourself while joining a fantastic yoga class in an artful and highly inspiring surrounding.


Support us to create this green haven in Marrakech! Support this unique to the world yoga project on Indiegogo:


A Yoga Garden in Marrakech

Ever since Anica started NOSADE, she was driven and always highly inspired by Morocco’s cultural variety and its natural diversity. By its hospitality and the surprises it holds on a day-to-day basis in a most positive and challenging way.
Marrakech stands for exactly these fascinating characteristics. And Marrakech stands for its green havens: its gardens.
“Ever since I m living Morocco these gardens fascinated, inspired, calmed me within the hustle and bustle of the city. Ever since I dreamed about a garden in Marrakech! As a haven in the middle of the city! A garden as a space and meeting place for fellow yogis living or traveling here”, Anica says.


The NOSADE Yoga Garden

With the NOSADE yoga garden she wants to create a green haven right in the middle of the historical medina.
She wants to create a place to get inspired by, a place to get calm and focused – a place to get fascinated by.
She wants to create a place to educate and empower both the locals and the travelers by teaching conscious and healthy movement and lifestyle.
And she wants to create a space for people getting together: an artful surrounding for special events, such as yoga workshops, yoga teacher trainings or special exhibitions.

The garden opening is scheduled for Autumn 2017.


Anica’s motivation

One of her concerns heading the company is creating both, a sustainable, valuable and yet preserving environment for the locals working with NOSADE, and highly individual, unique, memorable experiences for its fellow-travelers.


Support us

  • Support us to create an artful, inspiring yoga space!
  • Support us to create an educational and empowering space!
  • Support us to create jobs and to facilitate education here in Morocco – where both is needed so much!
  • Support us to increase numbers of Morocco visitors, the biggest source of income and employment for the locals, by creating worth visiting, unprecedented sights!

Support this unique to the world yoga project!


Use of funds

Being able to create this space, NOSADE needs support with a sum of EUR 95,000 for:

  • Property purchase (EUR 50,000)
  • Property restructuring & development (EUR 10,000)
  • Plant cultivation (EUR 15,000)
  • Yoga equipment & furnishing (EUR 15,000)
  • Advertisement & promotion (EUR 5,000)

Should the funding goal not be achieved, we will still start the project – with a more reduced set-up (lease-purchase, slower property development, a.o.).


Let’s create a unique space and the first urban yoga garden project in the world together!


If you love the idea but cannot support the project financially, please help us by spreading this campaign, spreading the idea, spreading the word!


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