We are a family company with a passionated, young, dynamic and multinational, experienced
and open minded team aiming to share the beauty of Morocco’s most fascinating
sights as well as its rich and millennial culture in a most authentic way.

NOSADE Founders Yidir + Anica Alla_Source Madlen Krippendorf


NOSADE Founder Anica Alla_Source Madlen Krippendorf
Inspired by her great passions travel, people and yoga and her fascination for Morocco’s yet untouched, wide landscapes Anica founded NOSADE to become a leading tour operator for skillful yoga retreats and desert tours in Morocco, sharing authentic experiences with like-minded, nomad-hearted people.
Meanwhile NOSADE is also offering two familial accommodations – 1 in Marrakech, 1 in Merzouga.
Anica’s desire is it to create a sustainable and valuable, empowering environment for the locals working with NOSADE, improving their living conditions, level of education and preserving their culture. NOSADE is actively making a contribution to further integrate the women and to strengthen their involvement, especially in developing areas of the country.
Anica has been working entrepreneurial since 2013, mainly in the fields of human resources consulting & coaching in international, growing, digital companies:


Yidir grew up in Merzouga – one of the gateways to the Sahara. He has always found the desert’s sheer vastness, its peace and tranquility most inspiring and taught himself a number of instruments accompanied by the silence of the desert. Yidir was certified as musician officially from the government, touring with his band Imodda all over Morocco.
Yidir has extensive experience in working with travelers from all over the world. He has been working in tourism almost 20 years and is responsible for all organizational affaires on-site with NOSADE. Yidir is fluent in English and speaks and understands numerous other languages on a basic skill level. He enjoys working with people in harmony with nature – and is always up for a good laugh.

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