Traveling with NOSADE means getting the full local experience, exploring Morocco’s seemingly endless vastness and the typical nomadic lifestyle. It means being in touch with domestic Berbers and their rich cultural heritage that is shaping Morocco’s image for thousands of years.

For all those of you being nomad hearted: On our yoga retreats, desert tours, tours throughout Morocco as well as with our very special, individual packages our team will make you experiencing seemingly endless, mostly untouched landscapes and beautiful ever changing forms of nature, exclusive insights and unforgettable adventures.

Joining NOSADE for yoga holidays and very individual retreats additionally means getting instructed by great and consciously chosen teachers in very special locations.

NOSADE is ensuring reasonable salaries for the full team aiming to improve their usually poor living conditions on-site. At the same time NOSADE is aiming to make a contribution to maintain and advance the rights of women in developing areas in the south of the country while integrating them into working environments.


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