NOSADE starts first Yoga Garden project in the world

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NOSADE starts first Yoga Garden project in the world in the metropolis Marrakech

Crowd funding starts at World Yoga Day 2016, realization is scheduled for autumn 2017


On 21 June 2016, World Yoga Day, Anica Herrmann, founder and manager of NOSADE, the growing Moroccan tour operator for Yoga travel and desert trips in Morocco, will start the next big project: as yoga is all about creating space Anica is planning to create a Yoga Garden as a green haven right in the center of the ancient city and garden metropolis Marrakech. Therefore Anica and her team send out a warm call to the world of yoga and garden lovers, believers in people of action and supporters of great ideas to make this unprecedented project happen.


„With the NOSADE Yoga Garden my wish is to create a green haven right in the middle of the historical medina. I aim to create a place to get inspired by, a place to get calm and focused, a place to get fascinated by. I want to create a place to educate and empower both the locals and the travelers by teaching conscious and healthy movement and lifestyle. And I wish to create a space for people getting together. An artful surrounding for special events, such as yoga workshops, yoga teacher trainings or special exhibitions“, Ancia explains her idea. Being a very organized and strict planer, she scheduled the garden opening for Autumn 2017.


Anica founded NOSADE in 2014, driven by the idea to share very authentic, high-quality and familiar travel experiences with like-minded, nomad-hearted people in beautiful, ever fascinating Morocco. Now NOSADE is successfully running group yoga retreats as well as individual yoga trips in Marrakech, the Sahara Desert and at Morocco’s coastlines. “The most retreats we are running in our beloved home base Marrakech that has become a famous hot spot for a variety of travelers over the past years. Here we are starting all our trips from and welcome our guests from all over the world,” Anica describes the central role of Marrakech for NOSADE as well as her connection to the vibrant city.


Ever since Anica started NOSADE, she was driven and always highly inspired by Morocco’s cultural variety and its natural diversity. By its hospitality and the surprises it holds on a day-to-day basis in a most positive and challenging way.

Marrakech stands for exactly these fascinating characteristics. And Marrakech stands for its green havens: its gardens.

“Ever since I’m living in Morocco these gardens fascinated, inspired, calmed me within the hustle and bustle of the city. Ever since I dreamed about a garden in Marrakech! As a haven in the middle of the city! A garden as a space and meeting place for fellow yogis living or traveling here”, Anica Herrmann states her decision to go for the next NOSADE project, the NOSADE Yoga Garden, and sends her call out to the world: „My wish is to find as many supporters as possible to make this great not yet seen project happen in autumn 2017 as the first one of this kind in the world!“

This is how the crowd funding works: supporters can choose between a nice variety of exclusive perks and pay the equivalent amount of money to the crowd funding platform The platform holds the money until the end of the funding. Whether the funding sum is reached fully or not, NOSADE will start realizing the NOSADE Yoga Garden Marrakech and supporters can convert their packages.


From June 21, 2016 on you can get all relevant information about the project on

Thanks for supporting us ❤

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