NOSADE stands for…


Authentic Traveling

Traveling with NOSADE means experiencing Moroccan culture unadulterated. Immerse yourself in fascinating Morocco, the thousand-years-old ancient traditions, a legendary nature. Immerse yourself in a genuine once in a lifetime experience. Dive deep into and authentically be in touch with the old Berber culture and learn about their cultural heritages. Enjoy traveling off beaten tracks!




Customized Traveling

NOSADE specializes in custom made travels. Compile your very individual journey – completely geared towards your needs! Book any extra for each of our retreats and trips – just as you imagine your perfect holiday. You’ll be individually served in accordance to your very own travel specific preferences – before, during and after your trip.




High Quality Traveling

NOSADE stands for high quality care in everything we’re offering and doing: We consciously test and select our partners – hotels, service providers, yoga teachers. We support conscious and sustainable contact with nature and culture. We support sustainable and fair working conditions for the locals that are working with us, and adapt our travel behaviour respectfully to the needs of the environment we are traveling in.



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