Introducing: The Team behind NOSADE

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NOSADE soon celebrates its second anniversary: Time to introduce our GREAT team & FACES behind NOSADE.


Romina Dimov_Source NOSADE

Romina Dimov

Romina – yoga, food & liberty lover
Romina is working with us since June this year.
Inspired by beautiful places, unique stories, traveling, movement & health, she’s fantastically bringing all these passions together, doing a motivating and motivated job with an exceptional eye for details.
She’s a real treasure in our team, supporting with any form of administrative as well as creative work behind the scenes.

Romina is wearing wonderful YOIQI Yogawear, Jumpsuit Cross.




Intern Corinna Kaempfe_Source NOSADE

Corinna Kaempfe

Corinna – our adventuress
She refreshes our squad with her nice, fun, easygoing, certain and especially creative ways. Where its sporty, fun and sociable, she feels comfortable.
Corinna loves Yoga, surfing, good food and good company. She supports the team on the road and in various areas.

With “LIVING NOSADE” Corinna will report from now on weekly about her internship with NOSADE, which promises to be equally fun, interesting and entertaining.
Great to have her in the team!

Corinna is wearing wonderful YOIQI Yogawear, Jumpsuit Loose.



Katrin Witt_Team & Source NOSADE

Katrin Witt

Katrin, devoted & motivated at all times 💙
Katrin is our longest, most devoted and committed #team member. Saying just #thankyou is not enough to really thank her. She was there from almost the first day – convinced, motivated, passionate, positive, always smiling, careing.
She takes out the NOSADE message into the world – both as a #yogateacher and as a great communicator and the NOSADE PR voice. Katrin, without YOU we wouldn’t be where we are today!!
#yourock #bestteammate #thankyouforeverything 

Katrin is wearing wonderful YOIQI Yogawear, Jumpsuit Loose.






Yidir Alla

Yidir – patience & consistency in person
He is emotional intelligence in person & he remarkably sees things long before they can actually be recognized by others. He has an unbeatable feel for people and everyday situations. He’s always good for a laugh and most impressively: he’s always happy – from the bottom of his heart & soul.
Yidir supports NOSADE in all organizational matters in Morocco. He coordinates and masters the Moroccan chaos which requires above all: patience and consistency.

Yidir is patience & consistency in person and he is our treasure 💙 #yogibynature #bestcrew #nosade #yogaretreats #travel #yogatravel #morocco






Mustafa Alla

#introducing MUSTAFA 🙏🏼
Desert guide, desert mood maker & really BEST cook of Morocco!!
Thank you for always doing your very best and for being part of our #greatteam @nosadetours









Franziska von Hoff

This is to thank a very special NOSADE fellow – FRANZI
Once fellow traveler, now dear friend and NOSADE supporter. Franzi’s open heart and eye for details, her presence in every moment and her love for Morocco are promising some great, creative and unique outcomes to come and to be published & spread soon. All excited – thanks @franziskavh 💛
#bestcrew #nosade #yoga #morocco#yoiqi

Franzi is wearing wonderful YOIQI Yogawear, Jumpsuit Cross.






Hmad Laarossi

Amed – reliable partner & precious friend
Amed is our service provider number one. He is the founder and manager of @besttravelmorocco and providing welcoming, authentic and modern, multicultural travels all over the country for many years. He supports NOSADE since Day One
with organizing transfers and tours throughout the country with heart and soul.
Amed is Morocco’s best and most talented musician and always has a smile, caring words, good stories and a helping hand for EVERYONE & everything. Thanks Amed, for being both – a reliable partner and a precious friend 💚
#moroccotours #moroccoholidays
#nosade #besttravelmorocco





Anica Alla

Anica – Founder with heart & focus
Anica is a straight person, exactly knowing what she wants. At the same time self-reflected, unpretentious & interested in getting things not just started but well working. She’s #creative & openminded to find & follow unique ways off beaten tracks. She encourages & empowers the whole team to use their unique abilities, as she knows how strong, #inspiring and valuable ideas can become when they are allowed to grow.
Thank you so much, Anica, for being the best boss a crew can imagine, for being #openminded & #openhearted, for being inspiring, for being a creator of spaces where things can grow, for being so clear, strong, professional & at the same time always caring & staying calm while finding a solution for any occurring challenge. Thank you so much for creating NOSADE & thank you even more for allowing us to be part of it.
With love from your entire #bestcrew


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