Yoga Retreats in Morocco

Desert Yoga Retreats

Could there be a more perfect yoga studio than the desert? Where else, but far away from civilization with its noise, its worries, its stress and fast life could you expect to find yourself and peace than the tranquil deserts of Morocco?

Urban Yoga Retreats in Marrakech & Surf Yoga Retreats at the beachfront

Yoga in magical Marrakech and yoga at calming beachfronts is also something not to miss! Get caught, inspired and energized of Morocco’s cultural and natural richness!


NOSADE offers a range of desert yoga retreats and meditation in the magic and breathtaking scenery of Morocco’s desert, as well as city retreats in Marrakech and surf retreats close to the Atlantic beachfront spots Asilah and Sidi Ifni. Carefully chosen locations, inspiring nature, skillful movement. Don’t miss to join us for yoga!


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